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  • Vladimir Gurov
    Dear Murat,

    Here you are:

    Minimum system requirements

    - Operating system
    64-bit operating system: Microsoft Windows 7 and later, Ubuntu 12.04 LTS and later, OS X 10.12 and later.

    - Processor
    Intel Core i3 (at least, generation 2) and above. It is not recommended to use mobile and ultra-mobile processors below Intel Core i5.

    - RAM
    4 GB and more.

    - Java Platform
    64-bit Standard Edition ( SE 8 ), version 8u144 and above. Newer Java SE versions (Java SE 9, 10, 11, 12) are not supported.

    - 1C:Enterprise platform
    Versions 8.3.8 - 8.3.14. To ensure stable work of EDT, it is recommended to use final rather than testing versions of 1C:Enterprise platform.

    - ROM
    EDT installation consumes about 1,200 MB of disk space. For storing EDT work areas, it is recommended to use SSD disks.

    - Display
    Display resolution starting from 1280×768.

    This profile enables you to use EDT for developing applied solutions having average complexity:

    - 6,300 configuration objects
    - 2 700 forms
    - 5 800 modules
    - 200 roles

    Best regards,
    Vladimir Gurov
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