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  • Vladimir Gurov
    Dear Keijo,

    You see the "Unresolved metadata object references" warning in the results of the Configuration check command because you enabled the "Find incorrect references" option of the command and it found such references.

    Here is an excerpt from the online help:

    Find incorrect references. This searches for references to deleted objects. This check is performed for the entire configuration, including forms, templates, interfaces, predefined data, etc. Logically incorrect references are also detected (IncorrectReferences).

    The warning you encountered mentions the Subsystem.BankingFinancing.Help module. It means that in the module's online topics, there are references to non-existent metadata objects.

    1C:Enterprise treats such warnings as non-critical because it does not affect the main functionality of your application. What it does affect is as follows: the user opens the help topic that contains such a reference, clicks the reference, but the page of the referred object does not open.

    If you want to get rid of such a warning, locate and check whether all references that exist in the module's online help topics work correctly.

    If a reference does not work but there is the object it should point to, simply correct the reference in the online help.

    If the object a reference points to does not exist, either delete the reference, or delete the online help text that contains the reference.

    In general, to locate such incorrect references, perform the following:

    1. Back up your infobase and create another infobase from the backup.
    2. Open the infobase copy in Designer.
    3. Click Administration > Verify and repair.
    4. Ensure you select at least "Check logical infobase integrity", "Check referential infobase integrity", and "Verify only".
    5. Click Execute.
    You get the list of found incorrect references if any.
    6. In your actual infobase, correct the references.

    Best regards,
    Vladimir Gurov
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  • Keijo Nordstrom
    Thanks Vladimir, will check ! Regards Keijo
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