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Lesson 0. Introduction

Lesson 1. Infobases

Lesson 2. Subsystems

Lesson 3. Catalogs

Lesson 4. Documents

Lesson 5. Theory

Lesson 6. Accumulation registers

Lesson 7. Simple report

Lesson 8. Templates

Lesson 9. Periodic information registers

Lesson 10. Enumerations

Lesson 11. Posting documents across multiple registers

Lesson 12. Turnover accumulation registers

Lesson 13. Reports

Lesson 14. Optimization of posting the Services document

Lesson 15. Charts of characteristic types

Lesson 16. Accounting

Lesson 17. Charts of calculation types and calculation registers

Lesson 18. Сalculation registers

Lesson 19. Database search

Lesson 20. Scheduled jobs

Lesson 21. Editing register records in document forms

Lesson 22. Users and their roles

Lesson 23. Start page and command interface customization

Lesson 24. Data exchange

Lesson 25. Functional options

Lesson 26. Picking list items, avoiding modal windows, and generating data based on other data

Lesson 27. Form development techniques

Lesson 28. Form customization techniques

Quick developer reference


A textbook on the development of applied solutions based on the 1C:Enterprise 8.3 platform. The textbook demonstrates the structure of various platform objects, their purposes, and actual usage scenarios, provides examples of 1C:Enterprise script procedures with detailed comments.